About Veterans Treatment Court

The Veterans Treatment Court utilizes a non-adversarial, team approach to providing services and supports to veterans facing non-violent felony charges. This treatment modality strives to prevent recidivism and promote accountability and recovery by diverting participants through a multi-phase recovery/treatment program. Completion of the program awards participants a dismissal of their charges (1 year after graduation), pending continued recovery and probationary compliance.


Buncombe County is now on the cutting edge of recovery-based diversion court programs and serves as an example for criminal justice reform.


The VTC is a post-plea court that requires:

  • Up to 18-months of probationary supervision
  • Commitment to treatment
  • Residence in Buncombe County
  • 1-day of active duty (non-training) service
  • Abstinence from substances
  • Compliance with all VTC policies/protocols