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The Buncombe County Veterans Court is in need of mentors.  Mentors in our program must be veterans who have one year of sobriety, are compassionate, and have a desire to help others.  

The role of the Volunteer Peer Mentor is to act as a coach, guide, role model, advocate, and support person as the participant progresses through the VTC process. Experiences in other courts show that veterans are likely to respond more favorably toward another veteran rather than someone who did not share a similar experience. 

By partnering each participant with a mentor of similar military background, it is anticipated that this active supportive relationship will increase the likelihood that the veteran will remain in treatment and improve his or her chances for a better quality of life, sobriety, and law abiding behavior. 

Mentors are...

  • Battle buddies
  • Non-Clinical Support
  • Attentive Listening Ears
  • Cheer Leaders
  • Confidant/ Maintains Confidentiality
  • Unconditional Support
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Trustworthy
  • Guide to Good Choices
  • Help Explore Pros & Cons
  • Good Sounding Block
  • Stable and Healthy
  • Drug Free for 2 Years+
  • Must Have Time to Mentor

Mentors Are Not... 

  • Pastors
  • Attorneys
  • Therapists
  • Judges
  • Informants
  • Sexual Partners
  • Using Buddy
  • Case Manager
  • Problem Solvers
  • Drug Dealers (Pushers)
  • Landlords
  • Doctors
  • Part of the VTC Treatment Team
  • Not Homeless or In-Transition

Mentor Requirements

Stable housing (not a shelter or transitional home)

2 years of sobriety

Agree to background check

Agree to a screening by the VTC team

Agree to take a mentor orientation quiz

Must be a veteran with honorable discharge

Able to commit to one year as a mentor

Commit to 2 face to face contacts a month

No substance use in/ around client’s vicinity


Mentor Application

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Are you able to commit to one year as a mentor? *
Are you able to commit to 2 face to face contacts per month? *
Are you able to commit to not using alcohol and other substances in/ around the client's vicinity? *
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Agreement to take a mentor orientation quiz *
Agreement to be screened by VTC team *
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