Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a speeding ticket, is the VTC a good option for me?

"No. The VTC is a 16+ month program for felony level offenses. The goal of the program is to achieve sustained recovery through treatment and rehabilitation."


Can I be a Mentor if I am not a veteran?

"No. All Mentors must have served in the Armed Forces (see Mentors page). If you are interested in volunteering, or you feel that you have a special skill-set or contribution to be made to the VTC, please feel free to make contact via email, or by phone at (828) 259-6601."


If I complete the VTC program, can my DUI/DWI be dismissed?

"No. A DUI/DWI cannot be dismissed upon completion of the VTC ( N.C.G.S. § 20-138.4(a).) Although, we have many veterans in the program with a DWI/DUI. The VTC is a diversion program (in lieu of detention) that focuses on treatment and rehabilitation."


If I have a charge in another state, can I have it transferred to North Carolina, Buncombe VTC?

"No. We do not have the appropriate Inter-State Compact in place to facilitate this transfer process."


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